Edward G. RyanEdward G. Ryan, (1810-1880) Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice

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“Blind submission to the Administration of the government is not devotion to the country or the Constitution. The administration is not the government.”

Edward G. RyanEdward G. Ryan
~ Edward G. Ryan

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J Carlton, Calgary

Faith and adherence to the principles of a nation and obedience to the government is the difference between patriots and loyalists.

E Archer, NYC

Blind submission of any kind is but a tool of the oppressor. Question authority! Intimidation is not a quality of Liberty.

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RobertSRQ    2/26/08

Excellent! Unfortunately, administration manipulates the government. The government of our country is at the behest of rogues and unless they are ousted they can perform irreparable damage. Indeed, the true patriots are those who question authority and denounce corruption in government. Those who blindly follow the Commander in Chief without argument are traitors.

Ethan, Clinton

Right On!!!

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Anonymous    3/11/09

So true!

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abby    9/14/21

Should America wish to survive, it will only do so if we determine in great unity to once again put to work the original laws of this land. They are neither outdated nor are they without power for the people. At this time arrogant and ignorant people are stealing our liberty by stomping on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and in so doing, they are placing a boot upon the neck of each American. If you don't feel the heaviness of that boot, we will never save our country.


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