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“All lawful authority, legislative, and executive, originates from the people.”

~ James Burgh

"Political Disquisitions: Or, an Enquiry into Public Errors, Defects, and Abuses" (London, 1774-1775)

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Mike, Norwalk

Allowing for literary license, the judicial. being obviously missing, ABSOLUTELY ! ! ! When the intangible ethos claims supreme sovereignty or inherent right - all unlawful authority, legislative, executive, and judicial, originates from despots and other tyrannical ignorance.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Thus Democracy. An individual can not take it away by force. By doing so he is fighting not the legislature or the executive but the people. He may try to overcome the peoples by force under his concept of authority under his or her God. But God is a private personal matter according to ones own conscience and not the same thing as "the peoples" authority.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

PS: When an individual is tried in court the prosecution does not say at the end of his final argument the executive rests. He says the people rests.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith, Arkansas 1/28/19

Waffler, what people? What people rest? All courts today are corporations or extensions thereof. When corporate courts rest, it is in the name of the corporate owners. Such people are legal persons, not sentient beings (living, breathing  flesh and blood individual sovereigns). Just because the nomenclature is similar, doesn't mean the originating authority is even remotely related. It truly is a most grand deception.

jim k, austin

The key word here is "lawful". Our congress removed the "L" from "lawful" sometime ago, along about the time of the 16th ammendment.

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RobertSRQ    7/29/08

Indeed! along with a simple caveat, that minorities need also to be represented within that authority and that can be impossible if majority rule exists - there has to be laws that protect them also - no authority should be take without question regardless of its origin.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC RobertSRQ 1/28/19

No caveat necessary  groups have NO rights other than the rights of the individuals within them.  Protect the rights of the individual, rich or poor, and no special dispensations required for minority groups.  A large group may wield more power than a small group, but the rights of ALL the individuals of both groups have the same rights.

Do not confuse the 'right' with power.  Collective power often assumes majority rights over others, might making right.  The Declaration of Independence asserts that the rights of the individual are inherent and inalienable and that the purpose of the new government is to secure those rights for all.  That is the foundation for Americans still.  The majority does not rule!  The People rule themselves without government, if they form a government they will rule the government too.

The corruption has been that the US government has become the most powerful in the world, and the People lost control of it a long time ago.  It is a de facto facist democracy that assumes power over the People and has twisted the minds of the youth into a maze of fallacies.  Once they figure it out many years later, they find themselves permanently indentured to authoritarianism.  Back to everyone having a 'lord' to obey all the way up to the Czars that truly rule.

The freedom fighter's first foe is the delusion holding him/her in bondage.

E Archer, NYC

All power of the government was assigned by those with whom it resides -- the people. There is no caveat that we all must agree, thus it is NOT a democracy (rule of the majority). The people still keep all their powers -- they have not surrendered them to government, their representatives, or any one -- they still have all rights and powers they are born with. The idea that any branch of government or even a majority of people 'rule' is a misnomer. Self-government includes the individual governing himself -- in fact that is the basis of this quote.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

The cops, the IRS, the FBI, the courts, are doing the peoples business. When they call on you they represent the people. These agencies of the people answer to the people at large in totality not to a single stand alone person whether that person is wacko or not. Where some go wrong is that they do not understand this and think that these agencies are their personal servants. Not true, not true. They are the peoples servants. The individual is not the same thing as the people.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Waffler, Smith, Arkansas 1/30/19

Absolutely not, Waffler.  The cops, the IRS (Waffler's employer), the FBI, the courts, are doing the STATE'S business  a police state at that.  They call themselves 'the people' but they are their overlords enforcing statutes dictated by the State, rights or not.  All of these alphabet agencies were created in the 20th century  how did Americans make it without them for 200 years?  These are totalitarian instruments to enforce unconstitutional statutes upon the citizenry.  

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Get with the "people" and you will be saved. It is when the individual takes on the people by taking on the agencies of the people (cops, FBI, IRS etc) that he gets in trouble. The "people" want you on their side, the side of law, order and civilization, not on the side of attacking them by attacking their sons, daughtes, fathers and mothers who are cops, FBI, and IRS etcetea.

Ken, Milford Pa

The Cops, IRS, ATF, D.A.'s, Judges just to name a few, are not serving the people, because they do not obey the people. They defy the people. Then they are outlaws and illegal. Anything that government or its representives do that is not allowed by the constitution, is stated in the constitution to be illegal, and we are instructed to remove.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

If they have not been lawfully removed then they are still serving the people. It is not up to one person to remove them but up to the poeple. They are still there so that is where they are suppose to be serving and doing their jobs. All the complaints are just empty bags of wind.

Karl Marx, Franklin , Pa.

The IRS , the Cops, the FBI , Judges and everyone who works for the government serve the people, and we the citizens of this country our the people! People and governments in power tend to lose site of this, then it becomes them verse the people because they have power and they are afraid to lose their power. This power that is given to them by the people corrupts them, so they view the common folk as the enemy. it takes a strong person to be in charge and not be corrupted, unfortunatley our education system fails us ( by design) so those in power are doomed to fail us ( the people). Thus wecan now say that society has been divided into two groups, the haves and the have nots. Those that have the power refuse to relanqiush such power. They kep themselves in power by passing laws to make it difficult for the comman man to achieve or rise above his surrondings. Remember if the comman man was to rise above his surrondings this creates compatition for those in power, this is what they do not want. Look at what happens to corrupt judges, cops federal agents etc. They are given a light sentence or none at all for crimes they commit, then compare this to the comman man, how does time for a marijuana conviction. The courts like society are skewered towards the haves, look at the criminal justice system and the corruption over the years.

Ken, milford pa

You are right on, Karl. Let it be known though, that when I make my comments I do not imply that every official is evil. In fact I know many that are perfectly honorable and noble. I will do anything to protect those that do their job correctly, because saddly they are way too few and we must preserve all of the good ones that we can. The real problem with government is when we step ever so slightly out of line, they are right there to (punish) us. I mean from the low level cops, all the way up to Washington. They almost never police themselves though. Their crimes far surpass any misstep we might take, yet they go unchecked, and unpunished. The result is they loose all creditability and respect of their true bosses, "the people"

J Carlton, Calgary

I don't believe for a minute that the alphabet gangs are there in service of "the people". They might have been at one time but no longer. They have become part of a sub culture that knowingly or not, are oppressive in nature. America is fast becoming a police state complete with surveillance and dossiers on every individual. Restore the Republic.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler if the statist theocracy infesting this land (what you, I believe, call government) works for the people and is in the service thereof (not just lives off stolen booty therefrom) why are THEY killing all safe and clean nuclear energy, stopping all safe and clean drilling in the largest oil deposits in the world (within the 48 contiguous states, to say nothing of Alaska), and threatening all independent energy sources by and for individuals, all while supporting higher energy prices? That doesn't even start to explain if they truly are my (We The People's) employees and servants, why, by what lawful nexus and how do they enforce compeled despotism, licenses, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, and an endless violation of individual sovereign's inalienable rights? (I might add, that which calls itself police is in fact, not. Said criminal mafia's main function is not to catch the bad guys but, raise revenue by unconstitutional means.)

GunnyCee, Durham

Not today. It comes from Obama and the host of unqualified Marxist minions he has surrounded himself with. If he doesn't like what the people think, he calls them criminals. If he doesn't want to hear opposing views, he shuts the opposition out from the debate. If he wants a certain judge or other official to be selected and the opposition raises a fuss, he simply waits until congress in in recess and appoints them in the middle of the night. Oh, he's not the only president to do these things, but he's the only one who has made it his main method of operation. He is the only president who intrudes himself into the personal lives of citizens, calling white cops dumb, praising the dog killer Vic, and showing the public the worse side of power with his million dollar vacations on the public dime...etc. Obama will, I am certain, lay claim to being the worst president we've ever had. He has made a joke out of the Constitution and the tem WE THE PEOPLE writ large in our constitution. The founders meant for those letters to catch the eye of who ever reads the paper. Why is it the libeals can't see that? I know why. It's because they are blind to everything that doesn't fit their agenda, just like extremist Muslims or extremist Christians or extremist Jews. It can be properly claimed that liberalism is a religion because it's adherents have the same agenda and dogma as religious organizations. It's about time that WE THE PEOPLE woke up to the fact that liberals are not our friends...they are the enemy in a cultural war that many of them call for a bloody revolution if their peaceful one doesn't work.

GunnyCee, Durham

Waffler still doesn't understand that we are NOT a democracy (one of the worse forms of government) where the majority rules and the minority takes the hind teat. this is how Obama and his liberal Congress have ruled for the last two years. It is interesting to watch the liberals who now claim that we MUST have bipartisonship now that they are losing their majority status. Notice how the libs always slant the playing field when then are in charge, then when sides change, they call the slant they created unfair. And we let them get away with it. We're just like Charlie Brown who consistently falls for Lucy's trick of taking the football away when we keep running up to the ball and kicking at the air falling on our arses.

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Publius    1/3/11

Waffler...You are mistaken. It is the government's duty to protect and serve each individual. A government that is established for the people at large in totality will only benefit the majority. Those that find themselves in the minority, no matter what the issue is, will lose and in the end become slaves to an overbearing, oppressive majority. Justice calls that each INDIVIDUAL be represented, counted, and given equal rights and protection. Look at the Bill of Rights. All of them, except maybe the ninth and tenth guarantee rights to each individual.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, the judiciary, the legislative, the executive, the media (with all their many extensions - the cops, the IRS, the FBI, school teachers, etc.) etc. are NOT doing the people's (sovereign individuals - individually or in concert) business but rather, they are doing the business of people that are foreign to We The People - despots, and other slave masters. When a public prosecutor now closes in the name of the people, it is not in the name of the sovereign individual We The People (individually or in concert), it is in the name of the people that enslave by despotism and tyranny. "A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years." (Lysander Spooner). In Amerika today "An election is nothing more than the advanced auction of stolen goods." (Ambrose Bierce) In a de jure representative republic at natural law, all lawful authority - judicial, legislative and executive - originates from the individual sovereign(s) (individually and in concert - each and every, any and all are equal before the law of nature and of nature's God) i.e., We The People.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

God ordained, All ( lawful ) authority originates from WE THE PEOPLE, we are not a democracy but a collective of sovereign individuals ! Waffler does not care, he enjoys slavery and the enslaving of our children's children. Qadesh mindsets relish in the overthrow of a moral society, by way of a democratic process. Greed drives them, tyrants lead them.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

Though all lawful authority, legislative, and executive, originates from the people, its administration must consider all the people and not just the majority. Otherwise the administration that bows to the majority becomes despotic and immediately forfeits its right to represent the people.

jim k, Austin

As of today, this quote should read "Should Originate from the People".

Mike, Norwalk

By overview and perfect understanding from a perspective from the inside-out, as well as outside-in — with a micro / macro applied standard of individual sovereignty, liberty, and personal inalienable right(s) at/by the laws of nature and of nature's God, the current occupying statist theocracy infesting this land is in NO way, shape or form a representation of We The People. On this blog, I have explained how eminent domain has been usurped by the current corporation(s) (local to federal so called government — We The People's nemesis). When government claims to have authority and right to own the fruits of an individual's labors (by way of extremely terse example, the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto), the illegitimate tyrant is not a representative of We The People). When a carnal god legislates, enforces and adjudicates victimless crimes and government licenses, it does so criminally against We The People. Any collective body (socialism — communism to fascism, etc.), democracy, etc., etc. etc. is in extreme opposition to any administration of individual sovereignty and individual sovereigns united.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Shouldn't anything that directs our path be subjected to unbiased, objective, scientific all-inclusive public inquiry?


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