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“There are some weapons that are just so dangerous that society has a right and the obligation even to take those weapons out of circulation.”

~ Jim Florio

on the state's "assault weapons" ban, 1993

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Mike, Norwalk

Spoken like a true communist. I've tried to subpoena "society" in the past so that I might cross examine his/hers/its lawful standing as any one sovereign's representative. I couldn't find an address or surname for society. Despots, criminals, and the otherwise personally irresponsible always claim righteousness when representing such very illusive Mr./Mrs./Mz/It society. It is an orderly society of individual sovereigns that stores such dangerous weapons (atom bombs, etc.) in an appropriate setting.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

Totalitarian governments always fear armed peasants.

Chris, Pewaukee

Yes, like human thoughts. Idiot III

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Dan    7/21/08

Yea, he should talk to England, they have a huge knife problem over there. Oh yea, isn't there some place where they put tires around your neck and set them on fire. First one thing, then another, finally they'll amputate your fingers so you can't with malice aforethought stick somebody in the eye.

jim k, austin

Don't you just love the term :assault weapons". To a leftest, that term means almost any gun that you may own. Ask one of them to give you a definition of the term "assault weapons". and you'll likely get a blank stare.When it comes to banning assault weapons , almost any gun can be declared an assault weapon. Beware.

jim k, austin

Well said Mike, Norwalk. No one has to take the blame for anything they do anymore, it's this "society" thing that causes all the trouble. Meybe Flip Wilson should have said "Society made me do it" instead of the "Devil".

Eric, WIchita

This guy should be prosecuted for conspiracy to deprive citizens of their civil rights. Attack attack attack. We have the high ground. Folks that harbor thoughts like this need to be removed from government until they toe the line. INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

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RobertSRQ    7/21/08

So, perhaps we should draw the line at machine guns and smart-bombs. The way in which the gun lobby and individuals use civil rights the the constitution is a joke - when they want the constitution changed or deny others their civil rights its another matter - grow-up America. Oops, sorry, there is one of you up there. E, I didn't know you had such gun crazy blog.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

You thumbs down guys are apparently non-thinking today. Many products you buy say that it is unlawful to use in a manner other than specified on the label. Are you against that also? How about anthrax and chlorine gas? With your attitudes you are apparently for all of that stuff. Isn't it amazing that we spend our trillions to go all over the world to destroy the weapons in the hands of non-government and anti-government forces like the Taliban and Al Qaida and we have just as many idiots here.

E Archer, NYC

It's not about guns, folks, it is about arbitrary power in the hands of our government. 'Society' has no more rights than one individual in it -- if I do not have the right to ban your weapons, the collective doesn't either. Quite frankly, drug prohibition (in the name of protecting us from drug abuse) is the primary cause of gun violence in America. Take away the black market, and watch the violence disappear. By making hand guns illegal (unconstitutionally of course) we guarantee the 'war on guns' to continue. The balance of power between the People and their servant government depends on the People's right to defend their rights -- if a governor can simply speak for 'society' and pass unconstitutional legislation because he has convinced the majority, how safe are our other rights? It is the principle, folks. Either we are a nation of laws or of men -- and the law says that government cannot make any laws that abridge these rights. Until an amendment is made to the Constitution nullifying the 2nd amendment, then the issue is settled.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Hand guns are the opiate of a few deranged individuals. In them they think they have power. They don't. As we disarm or neutralize the Sunni and Shiite militias and threaten Iran due to its nuke dreams where does any one get off or come from thinking that an American can own any weapon he cares to. If you feel that way I think you should be over there fighting alongside the Taliban and Al Qaeda against the US. Archer read, read, read more carefully my friend. Florio did not say he had the right he said society had the right.

chaz, Michigan

Society = Devil. Maybe Waffler should move over there seems to me It's his kind of society and a society after his own heart at that.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Chaz people above are saying that guns in private hands are for fighting the US Government. Isn't that what the Taliban and Al Qaeda are doing? It would appear that if all you enemies of the US Government got together you could have a better go at it.

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    Dan    7/22/08

    Waffler, go study. The forefathers wrote the second amendment protection into the constitution mainly out of fear of runaway, corrupt, tyrannical govts. that sought to deny them every other natural right protected in the Bill of Rights and control every aspect of their lives making slaves out of them. And while I'm at it, I wish pro gun rights would get it straight as well. natural rights are granted by God. Civil rights are privileges and immunities granted by govt. in the 14th amendment. The rights that God granted only God can take away. Privileges and immunities granted by govt. (and they'll be the first to tell you) can be taken away again by govt.

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    Anonymous    12/1/09

    Rights aren't granted by God; they are intrinsic of physical existence (I'm not an atheist, by the way; I just subscribe to the philosophy that all life forms belong to themselves, and thus have the right to, at the very least, make decisions for themselves, so long as those decisions don't hurt others. All other rights are derived from this basic principle. I don't see how rights can be given and taken away by an authority figure, even God. Otherwise, in what sense are they natural, inalienable?)


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