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“Mind Your Business”

~ U. S. Treasury

The very first motto on a U.S. Minted Coin, the Continental Dollar, in 1776

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Anon    2/2/09

I would if I could but the government won't let me without their cut. Problem is the cuts keep going deeper. The government should be made to heed these wise words This was told to them once before by our forefathers and so wrote the Constitution. Our lives ARE our business but alas, though people know and accept this natural law on a personal level our government does not accept it on a Constitutional law level anymore. We have an outlaw government that reveals its nature as such with the exercise of outlaw power it has usurped over the years. They have so much power now it's not necessary or possible to hide their chicanery any longer. We, Americans, have yet to experience that power unleashed in full fury but as history proves over and over again we will.

jim k, austin

Anon summed it up very well. As to this socalled "stimulus" bill , it's a joke, a real bad joke. With the Dems controlling congress, why is Obama begging for Republican support of his bill. Could it be that when it flops he wants the Repubs to share in the blame instead of Pelosi and the gang getting all of it. If the "stimulus" bill is so great, why don't the Dems just pass it and take all the credit? They have the votes to do it.

John C, Elmira

It is too bad that this motto isn't in circulation today. Everyone is spending what they don't have on what they don't need. The autoworkers should be so much better off than so many Americans but they too spent what they didn't have on what they didn't need. The banks help all of us do it too. The government isn't any better.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

If we actually minded our own business would we really have time to be on a web site like this, and isn't telling someone to "mind their own business" really a form of interfering in their business. If I am a free person is not my business anything I choose it to be. If there is really such a thing as Natural Law in reference to social and politcal things and realities why doesn't it just operate on its own naturally?.Why must we have to promote it? Maybe what is truly natutal is the way things are today. Maybe all things are right with the world today, with just a few adjustments. Jim K at least the Dems in Congress have the support of the Republican Governors. The Republicans in Congress are playing their usual games based on ignorance and stupidity.

libertyjack, greensboro

Methinks this meant "business' when gold and silver were the(Constitutional) money of the day. And if you were minding your own business you would not have time to mind mine! One of the first uS flags had a porcupine on it and the motto "The right to be let alone".

E Archer, NYC

Interesting. And as soon as this phrase was replaced with 'In God We Trust' our currency has been debased to almost zero. Do not confuse God and government! When the government starts talking about/for 'God' look the @#$% out! Waffler -- do you even know what you are talking about?

A.WOODS, Gloucester

I've seen this attributed to Benjamin Franklin. This motto ought to be returned to our currency and coins. Minding one's business properly would prevent the kind of economic fiasco we're currently seeing; a good start would be to not buy anything one cannot afford. But then, if such a common sense concept is beyond so many consumers, three words on their money won't help. With two out of three people who bother reading and commenting on quotes imagining the word "own" involved, another motto in the world probably wouldn't help at all.______ libertyjack, could you please tell me more about the flag you mentioned, or perhaps point me to a reference? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

Hey E Archer, you got in while I was typing. Make that two out of four.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, I like it. Maybe the coins could say (-; In God We Trust, all others Mind Your Business ;-)

Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida

"If there is really such a thing as Natural Law in reference to social and political things and realities why doesn't it just operate on its own naturally?.Why must we have to promote it?" Because there will always be those bent on initiating force against others to get what they desire from the fruit of other peoples' labor. As long as there is offense, there will be the need for defense.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

If there is offense and defense then I humbly suggest there is no natural law. Natuarl law operates without interference from outside forces. The term is obviously a ruse uesd by those who want a certain outcome. I suggest that using the term "natural law" is similar to the term "common sense". When people tell you to do a certain way because it is "common sense" what they usually are saying is "do it my way". It would be better for those using this term to be much more commuicative.

Josh Dittmer, Palm Springs

Could it mean that you were to mind your business, literally? As in minding your store or farm or whatever is your business. For a country founded on capitalist principles this makes sense to me, because a business that is thriving is creating more capital, ergo; more jobs, more opportunities, etc.

Josh Dittmer, Palm Springs

Hey waffler, the governors are only sucking up to the dem's spending plan, oops I mean "stimulus", because they have their greedy little hands out for a piece of the pie. Turns out they can't run their states any more resposibly than the feds can. And before you get your panties in a twist I include Bush and the last congress's fiscal record in that too.


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