Richard LammRichard Lamm, [Richard Douglas "Dick" Lamm] (1935- ) American politician, lawyer, governor of Colorado (D) (1975-1987), 1996 US presidential candidate for the Reform Party

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“Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it.”

Richard LammRichard Lamm
~ Richard Lamm

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Logan, Memphis, TN

Very good, I laughed.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Also called Reagan-Bush-Cheney-ism. Isn't it Reagan who got us started down this path, Bushes kept us going and Cheney said five trillion dollars ago, "Deficits don't matter."

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RBESRQ    11/13/08

And now their grandkids

warren, olathe

What a bunch of crap waffler. Any person armed with knowledge knows it was FDR and the new deal. Then LBJ and the war on poverty. Reagan only slowed it a bit. Every attempt made to change course has been met with caterwauling by the left. They just want to starve the children! They want to throw old people out on the streets! And so on. Get some sense for a change.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

In the last 20 out of 28 years Republicans held the White House, without carefully checking the stats I believe every one of those 20 years was a deficit year. Clinton held sway the other 8 years and ran surpluses and paid down the debt accumutlated by the Republicans. Cheney's quote about deficits not mattering is a matter of public record. Greenspan and McCain and others have all said that Bush the Last's tax cuts were wrong and irresponsible and have led to the largest deficits and debt in history. I have no idea from where you get your inforation Warren, I will go goole the deficit figures and report back. Stay tuned maybe one of us can get educated.

Logan, Memphis, TN

While I agree with less taxation (and absolutely no capitation taxes), I also agree with good fiscal and spending policy as well; problem with the Republican mindset is not necessarily the idea of fewer taxes but of their spend, Spend, SPEND mentality. Once we are no longer able to pay back the deficit, the US will go bankrupt; this is already a very real concern of many international financial institutions and foreign governments (you can easily youtube or google to see any videos). With exception of Glenn Beck (which I loath), there isn't a media outlet that I've found that is reporting any sound, accurate, or predictable economic news. Peter Schiff has been amazing in predicting the economic patterns that we've seen in 2008; you can youtube "Peter Schiff then and now"' and laugh as every economist who called him an idiot turned around and told their own clients to invest in Bear Stearns, WaMu, and Merrill Lynch. International media has proven to be far more accurate in providing predicability than any of our domestic news; sadly, because of the horrid financial policy held over the last 8 years, America's outlooks aren't so good; "bankruptcy" is the new name of the game.

Mike, Norwalk

Too, too funny and extremely accurate.

Robin Hood, Nottingham

A lawyer and reform party candidate, if ever there was a misnomer. We should know by now the lawyers have taken ALL of our liberties as we have known them. They also prevent you from 'making a federal case' of the issue, cause they run the kangaroo courts. 

E Archer, NYC

Until the People of the world realize the scam under which they have all been hoodwinked, we will continue to suffer the effects of the system that is designed to milk us all the days of our lives.  Nearly every nation has adopted central banking and interest-bearing debt-based fiat currency, thus not only guaranteeing perpetual debt by all but making it absolutely necessary to keep borrowing more.  Since the money no longer is issued as capital is created, it can only increase with borrowing more at interest.  The bankers take the cream of our labors and property before we see a drop.

So, this entire nonsense about deficits and massive currency expansion is moot, because everyone is in on the racket now, and all that is done today is pass the hot potato. 

Income tax is the way of regulating the people, keeping them just hungry enough to always be in need, despite their labors.  The government can and does create all the money it needs  it's just that the bankers got a monopoly contract on its management, and they charge a percentage (as banks have always done).  The only difference is that the Fed does not have any money, it merely issues currency in exchange for Treasury Notes (T-Bills) from the US government.  The 'money' is created as soon as the Fed receives IOU's from the government.  It works exactly like a credit card with an unlimited credit line  all that has to be done is to make the minimum monthly payment.  BTW there is no way to pay off the balance, so you will be in perpetual debt and forever at their mercy. Talk about a Bad Santa! ... ;-)


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