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“The only path to the final defeat of imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war.”

~ Bill Ayers

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Mike, Norwalk

The statement is a false flag. If the reference to imperialism was to monarchies without socialism, the statement is false because that scenario doesn't exist. Socialism (communism to fascism or, any of its many other faces) is at the core of most, if not all, imperialism and revolutionary wars since the 19th century.

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

Yep. The fact that Obama having Ayers as mentor didn’t mean a thing to those who simply wanted HOPE & CHANGE. There were many other troubling issues but none held as much sway as the promise of HOPE & CHANGE. Says much for America’s "dumbing down". If he were to have come along just a mere few years previously, he’d not have had nearly the chance. Seems many of those HOPEY / CHANGEY folks are changing their thoughts. Maybe they’ll pay better attention the next time around. As for the quote, it’s no surprise that Billy wrote it. I’m sure Ayers’ thoughts and Obama’s run similarly on this and much, much more. Much more than will be publicized for some time to come.

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    Anonymous    8/25/10

    Mentor to Obama. Now you are politisizing the quotes with your agenda? How despicable!

    Kevin, Windber

    Bill Ayers is not a lover of liberty. Ayers making a comment like that makes no sense since he wants to defeat freedom for all. How can you post comments like this and then most of the time the quotes are about bringing everybody up, not taking down the haves (Ayers's version of imperialism) to the level have the have nots.

    Joy, Heartland

    Mentor to Obama??? I can't agree or disagree with the quote but I can surely disagree with the claim that Ayers was a mentor to Obama. That is part of the "great lie" that this country runs on at the moment.. It keeps us from talking about the real issues we all face at this moment in time because we are thinking about these false influences the corporatocracy keeps in front of us in hopes we will direct our thoughts to nonsense instead. Thus keeping them in power behind the scenes (well, maybe not so much anymore---now that lobbying was made legal and campaign contributions can be made by any corporation to any candidate in any amount). Socialism...bah, humbug. Just another scare tactic like Communism was in the 50's and 60's. It's the new boogieman they shoot out of the closet if we get out of line!

    Justin, Elkland

    Good luck getting a revolution out of aging hippies and brainless 20-somethings. Voting for more handouts and less taxes is not a revolution.

    Justin, Elkland

    Joy, read Obama's books and wake up.

    Waffler, Smith

    The quote is worthless. "Socialists" always were against imperialism, it certainly was not a new thought of Ayers. As far as revolutions there has never been a socialist one. The Russian and Chineese versions were not really revolutions. Most "socialist" if you will policies, have been brought about peacefully. Several here are correct, the quote is a red herring just to plug in the mentor part which of course is untrue. Without the socialist boogieman some would have nothing to blog about.

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      Anonymous    8/25/10

      Quoting Bill Ayers and attributing him as a mentor to Barach Hussein Obama is a wretched thing to do. Why use President Obama's middle name? It only serves to inflame the radicals who already think he is a Muslim. I'm not sure I shall continue to read any of your quotes. President Obama is not a socialist and not interested in directing the U.S. in that direction. He is concerned for the poor and those who have very little influence.

      jim k, Austin,Tx

      Well gee whiz Anonymous , that IS his middle name. And a very appropriate one at that. And saying that Ayers was a mentor to Barrack is simply stating a fact that you libs don't want to hear. Justin, I seriously doubt that Joy will ever "change", but we can always "hope".

      Popeye, Wichita, KS

      Stating that Ayers was Obama's mentor doesn't make it so. Where is your evidence? Wishing it so, as does most of the far right, does not make it so. It just gives them an excuse to stop thinking for themselves. [See quotes on propaganda] I have to agree that using his middle name is meant to make a political statement. If the quotes used here are going to be "weighted" for political impact, I will unsubscribe. Let the quotes speak for themselves without the political commentary, however subtle, left or right.

      OliveOyl, Philadlephia

      Dear Joy, anonymous and Popeye-- Is "mentor" a stretch? It's a good word for "birds of a feather..." If you could have lived through those times and if one simply reads Ayers' writings but more importantly those of his famous wife there are some things that a lefty like me can tell you...Ayers grew up and lives on the wealth of his father, as does Ayers wife. Nothing wrong with that except it makes no sense to live in that fashion and proclaim communisim rules! Valerie Jarrett is one-minded with the Ayers family--they all taught in Chicago--and Valerie invited B.O. into the group. Yeah, I say I want a revolution but I put myself through school, worked hard all of my life, and pay enough in taxes to support six families. It's easy to be rabid on the internet. Just do your homework diligently. Research.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      Conversely ~ "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Thomas Jefferson

      Mike, Norwalk

      For all the socialists here in denial, who are you going to blame the industrial and fiscal collapse of the US on (the communist / progressive / liberal style socialists or, the fascist / neo-con / corporatism style socialists or, some other boogie man socialist that just won't be called socialism - like when the Soviet Union went the way and all those bad in charge communists just left peacefully making room for all those new capitalists to walk in to start anew and, all the weaponry just magically evaporated)? Or, are you going to come up with some new warm and fuzzy definition of socialism that is full of compassion? hmm Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin is a very appropriate nick name for the commander in chief that broke so many constitutional principles, statutes and laws in nationalizing such a large portion of the transportation industry (real simple and accurate definition of socialism) Waffler, rolling on the floor laughing out loud while shaking my head WHAT? What were the Communist revolutions in Russia and China if they weren't communist revolutions? So what was the socialist imperialism of Eastern Europe after WW II if not imperialism. Who was Che Guevara if not a communist imperialist (taking over Guatemala and Cuba by revolution then tried to take over Bolivia by revolution where the CIA killed him?

      Steve, Indianapolis

      I thought this site was focused on political and liberal quotes by great men of the past and present and not the personal opinions of the idiot sending them out. This is the 1st time that I have read a quote on this site with a sarcastic remark attached directed toward trying to destroy the reputation of one man. This confirms my belief that racism and hatred for others is alive and well. I will definitely unsubscribe from this site.

      Jamie, Nelson

      That this quote is mis-informed. That a person or society can only change from within. That a war, only begets war. When a person changes inside it changes everything else. While i would not denigrate any part of the struggle for freedom, if history is a guide. When those conflicts to re-assert the people's will were won, they were always betrayed afterwards. By the greedy and corrupt. That society itself can change; as each person rejects the values of imperialism. Utopian? ... sure. Realistic ..... probably not? For myself, the only way to change things? Is starting with myself, for sure.

      Waffler, Smith

      Most scholars Mike recognize that the systems foisted upon people in Russia, China and the so called eastern bloc was not socialism as classically defined and practiced in Europe. Socialism is a voluntary coming together and communication between people, it is classically not to be enforced from top down. That apprach is fascism sort of like the current Tea Party whose philosophy, goals and aims are being forced down on a really unwilling and naive group of people by the billionaire Koch Brothers. Read about it Mike in today's news.

      Anonymous, los angeles

      A little less harranging, politicizing and polarization of the obvious jaded messaging please (capitalism & imperialism = good; socialism & communism = bad)!

      Mike, Norwalk

      Steve from Indianapolis, (-; how is Ayers being, or not being, a mentor to Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin in anyway racist? ? ? I haven't been able to figure out the liberal / progressive think yet; hmm I say, hmm ? ;-) Waffler, socialism is a voluntary coming together in what universe? Where did you get that definition? What and where is/was this scholarly group that came up with such a preposterous majority declaration. Oh, I forgot, the handle Waffler was made to have fun creating lies. Anyway Waffler, just for your information, being social or, individuals coming together for a specific purpose, is not the same thing as political socialism or, the classical definition of socialism. Thanks for proving my point, the new warm and fuzzy (emphases on fuzzy) definitions begin. Ok, Waffler, I'll bite, how was the non-classical form of socialism foisted upon the people of Russia and China? (hmm, could it have been by revolution and imperialism of the few on the many) Classical socialism by definition is to be enforced from the top down (communism is a misnomer) Socialism is a system where ownership and control of all property, rights, means of production and distribution are by a statist ethos phantasm (defined and managed by an omnipotent, totalitarian, and statist oligarchy). There is no mention of voluntarism, force, or otherwise in the coming to be of socialism. Again, Russia, China, and the so called eastern bloc are the consummate classical example of socialism. Fascism or corporatism is one form of socialism. Waffler, how is the Tea Party being forced down on you, or really unwilling and naive groups? I knew some of the original Tea Party folk, and some of today; they are independent, for equal rights, a constitutionally lawful government, no compelled compliance and are not financed or organized by Koch or anyone other than themselves. Koch, Palin and others may be trying to incorporate the Tea Party (a verb / movement, not a noun) into the GOP but there are way to many liberals, Democrats, independents, people of all races and national origin, and freemen in the movement to give much credence to the socialists ill founded and superfluous fear mongering and propaganda..

      Steven, Indianapolis

      Mike- Not sure if you understood what I was saying about racism. The reason that I brought up racism was due to the fact that of all the quotes that I have read from this site none have ever attached another political figure that had nothing to do with writing the quote. With all the rhetoric that I hear and see about Obama so much of it has to do with race as oppose to his political agenda. I have no issue with a person opinion about Obama's political direction but so many radio hosts, TV reporters, magazines and other politician direct their comment toward race. Perfect example is the person running this website attaching President Obama's name to the Bill Ayers quote, completely unnecessary

      Denise, Durango
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      Denise, Durango Steven, Indianapolis 10/29/19

      You need to do your homework. Obama was surely tied to this communist as his good buddy...that is irrefutable. Obama's books (an exercise in nausea, and yes I waded through them) were studied by those who know writing styles well and determined them to have been ghost written by Ayers...himself a terrorist who was the first one to bomb the World Trade Centers and later opined "I wish I could have killed more people". Ayers is also a "professor" (see brainwasher)  in a college. Ayers is filth, he is a traitor and a murderer and shouldn't be breathing free air. Your Obama hates this nation and everything it was built on and spent 8 long painful years trying to destroy it. HE is the one who declared war on our law enforcement and caused the division in this country. Do your homework. Obama is a traitor of the most vile kind voted into office by fools many of whom patted themselves on the backs for "electing a black man". By the by...he is half white but yet is the most destructive racist ever. But then as a democrat it's amusing as the Klu Klux Klan was born in the democrat party.

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      Nick    8/25/10
      E Archer, NYC

      Ayers is alive and well, teaching education in Chicago while being a recipient of federal money for his socialist causes. At least he knows he is a communist/socialist and a supporter of Obama's policies -- the rest of you devout libs can't seem to face the fact that you favor the very same policies as Marx, Stalin, and Hitler, all self-described socialists. The race-baiting by the left never seems to stop -- what if Ayers had been a mentor to Clinton? You know, Obama is white, too. I think the Democrats don't like it when socialists in high places of the Democratic party are shown for what they are. And to show how politically correct they want us all to be, people are condemned for actually saying Obama's full name! Or should it be Barry Soetro ...? LOL too funny, you guys are squirming today -- just stick your heads back in the sand... And hey, just because I am against socialism does not mean I am for imperialism, totalitarianism, or anarchy -- I am for Liberty and Justice for all, as the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution have chartered this nation. I am for LAWFUL representation of my sovereign rights, not for debt-for-money, unlimited governmental power, voting away the rights and properties of other classes/parties, and the arbitrary will of whatever political party is in power. America is supposed to have a distributed system of governance, a balance of powers, not centralized national government beholden to no one but their creditors.

      Waffler, Smith

      Mike Russia and China had Supreme Leaders. Like Italy and Germany had Il Deuce Mussolini and Da Fuherer. Ruussia and China also had theres, need I remind you. These regimes were all fascist based The Leader.

      Editor, Liberty Quotes

      Ayers tagline has been updated. Agreed that 'mentor' is an implication. Changed to 'personal friend and financial supporter' -- proven facts. The theme of this week's quotes is 'socialism' -- nothing to do with racism whatsoever. Hi, and Bye, Steven.

      Mike, Norwalk

      Waffler, OK, so. All socialist governments have Supreme Leaders. Some as you've said, like Italy and Germany had fascist (corporatism) type or structured socialism. Russia and China had more communistic forms of structured socialism. Each and every has their ruling mouth with a small elect of elites.

      GunnyCee, Durham, NC

      The commnists like Bill Ayers and his ilk like to use the word imperialism to describe America. Great Britian was, in its heyday, an imperialist country. They extended their power, influence, and control over other countries, India being a prime example. I know of no country that we have conquered and not left that country in much better shape than it was, and under their own government to boot. When we go into countries like South Korea, Vietnam*, Kuwait, Iraq, we helped them defeat their enemies and then returned home leaving them with the capabilities to govern themselves. *Vietnam was an exception because we were not allowed to finish the job we started, meaning that tens of thousands of our military and Vietnamese civilians died in vain. They are still a dirt-poor country who have come to us with hat in hand to help them bolster their economy. Only someone who has never read history could believe that America is an imperialistic country. What our home-grown communist detest is the fact that we are defeating communism all over the world, and Ayers is a home-grown communist and terrorist to boot. Any way, Joy, he IS a mentor of Obama's.

      AltheDago, Victory Base Complex

      Bill Ayers is a treasonous snake who is fortunate to not have been executed.

      Ron, Salem
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        Ron, Salem    8/26/10

        In a country whose foundational liberty was chipped away with property taxes after the civil war, by and for the greedy corporate north. As the industrialist grew over forty years then came the time to feed the factories with labor, hence remove the children from the farm. Then their next move was to bring a crash thirty years later ushering in socialised care 1939. They the government did not ask if they can take your money, the employers were told to by force, making them withholding agents of the government. Along with a few more slick moves by the board of education to phase out certain lines of knowledge and history, voila you have socialism in practice. Overtaking the people thru passive aggression and scare tactics by the federal government over time being guided by a certain debominational religion. People have grown fat and lazy thru materialism riding a easy way to feed, house and clothe themselves. That is for everyone that qualifies. Minorities first in line. Politics and religion were always topics in the congregations from the pulpits where the seeds of freedom were planted in the first place, keeping the people informed. 1645 to 1776 were good years for many new beginnings. These years were when liberty and freedom meant something to an oppressed people. Think about what they were under, the lack of freedom of speech and person and property. Freedom and liberty being you could not tax away these rights as they do today, RIGHT ? As long as one has their money to pay them, then you say you are free, today, wrong ! To take by force from one to give to another is robbery. What are your roots in this country ? Who are your forefathers ? What is your heritage ? What homestead do you originate from ? When did you come to this country ? You need to think long and hard about the two main denominations that have been at odds since the beginning of this country, and make no mistake about it. There are those that know the whole truth about the blood that has been spilt on this soil which is called America. I do not care who is the host of this site or the quotes given for comment. But don't trifle with the fire that burns in this country. It might be your house that burns down. This has gone far beyond what anyone could imagine with the state of affairs of this country. The heart of the faith of this country and the rock upon which the republic rests shook the world in the beginning of this country Think no less of the fight that is to come upon this soil you walk on now ! In God we trust. That is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone and a rock of offence to all the unbelieving. Your learned speech becomes contemptible at times when people argue over specifics not seeing the broader scope of things. Strong delusion is coming.

        Mike, Norwalk

        THANK YOU, Ron, THANK YOU ! ! !

        Rhonda, Buckhannon

        It IS a fact that Bill Ayers is playing a VERY important part in Obama's ideological moves in this country. MOST of Obama's 'friends' who advise him have documented 'violent' and anti-American backgrounds. Those who comment otherwise are oblivious to all that. They also have ulterior motives to attempt to dispel the truth and spread the falsehood in HOPE's of CHANGE-ing the minds of the rest of us. This is your Hope & Change in action. They know they are spreading lies; it's their job. Thanks, Ron from Salem. You summed it up correctly. And thanks to the Editor for giving the source of truth! Not that those who help spread the lies of socialism will note it.

        Jack, Lincolnwood IL

        Bill Ayers is a frustrated moran who because he cannot cotinually get his own way, tries to bully people into thinking they can't get along without him or his dick-headed ideas. Without question, our country and the world at large would be far better off without him and any like him.


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