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“The thought that average citizens will somehow be better able to successfully defend themselves more effectively than our nation's trained professionals is absurd.”

~ Handgun Control, Inc.

Official statement from Handgun Control, Inc.

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Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Some of us more superior types however just might want to have a go at it.

KP, Orange
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KP, Orange    7/21/08

A joke! The trained monkeys are never at the scene of the crime when it happens!

J Carlton, Calgary

Our nations trained professionals don't live at my house...thank God. I'll defend myself.

Mike, Norwalk

What an absurd statement! ! ! I've seen what THEIR nation's trained professionals are capable of; no thanks, I'll stand with effective average citizens.

Wayne, Bellefonte

A defining moment for HCI, what total morons.

Billy, Knoxville, TN

The issue behind the second amendment is actually our ability to protect ourselves from those trained professionals. But then again, the libs never worry themselves with out-dated concepts like freedom from government oppression.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

Perhaps it's our nation's trained professionals against whom I want to defend myself.

Chris, Mapes

Idiot II Yes, all those trained professionals who shadow me everywhere I go and are not at least 5-10 minutes response-time away. Do they (the authors of this quote) actually have thoughts, or just parrot back someone else's? Makes me want to unsubscribe.

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Dan    7/21/08

Not that I would be irresponsible enough to do it, but I can't help but think how quick many of H.C. Inc.'s members would change their opinion if someone stuck a pistol in their face and said, "quick, call 911 while you still have the ti....( well, you know the rest).

jim k, jim k

This quote is absolute nonsense. By "trained professionals", I suppose he means the cops. The main job of the cops is to write a report after you have been murdered or robbed or both. It's up to you to protect you.

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RobertSRQ    7/21/08

So you have a burglar who is breaking into your house and you are going to rush to get you gun - more deaths are caused by people's own guns than the deaths of burglars. So you want your hand gun to protect your small community/town from the most technically equipped army in the world. The reason why UK police do not carry guns is because the public don’t. wow what a novel idea…

Mike, Norwalk

Robert, if the police, swat, etc. didn't lead the way in violence each year (guns, beatings, victimless crimes, etc.) but, were more peace officers, the mental need for guns would lesson. The more government violates the individual (compelled compliance, larceny with impunity {theft of the noble labor's fruits, by deception through a fiat money system, etc.}, license,false imprisonment for political prejudice, torture for information, etc.), the greater the need for guns to protect from all predators -private, public, and otherwise. In America, the police carry guns, so the public has to, wow, what a novel idea.

Rick Thomas, Baltimore

Defend ourselves better than the trained professionals? Are you real? What land do you live in La La Land? The trained professionals will tell you they can only get there AFTER the chart mark is placed around the body!

E Archer, NYC

The statement is absurd itself. Robert, I believe your statistics are incorrect -- guns are used in defense successfully DAILY. Are we to make accidents illegal now? What about deaths by car, bathtub, and prescription medication? Will our fear of death rule over everything we hold dear while alive? My mother had to defend herself from a rapist with mace -- she was lucky -- if she had had a gun there would have been one less rapist in the world today.

Barry Tudor, Minneapolis

The 3 quotes today are anti-liberty, and pissed me off. Go back to stating and glorifying liberty immediately, or I'll suspend my email subscription.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Barry & Chris, Thanks for your feedback on the web site. You must be new subscribers. In our welcome email we mentioned that we quote from all sides, and that we do not necessarily agree with whom we quote. Quotes about limiting freedom are as relevent to Liberty as those that profess freedom. Stick around.

J. Jones, Summerville

How do we fight against a tyranical government if we give them our guns?

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Dan    7/22/08

Robert you live in a dream world. In the U.K. criminals still have guns. And when guns are just a little bit suspect in an arrest, the cops carry guns. The average citizen doesn't carry a handgun because they were never "allowed" to have them even though it is a god given right to have them.

Logan, Memphis, TN

It's amazing the stupidity of the argument, "Give up your level of defense, the cops will save you." As if telling an armed robber, "You'd better leave, because I just called the police and they'll be here in 10 minutes." Uh huh, that's practical.

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    RobertSRQ    7/22/08

    Dan, I should I know I lived in the heart of gangland in the UK and I assure you most did not carry guns. People are allowed to have guns in the UK but the process is regulated. By the way Archer, the facts are correct regarding burglars not other deaths - sorry I should have made that clear. And Mike, the government doesn't violate you (except this one) you violate yourself its really that simple and until we see this truth we will continue to be on the dark side.

    E.M. Bey, washington dc

    This is so ridiculous! Including the fact that I have to get a license to own a gun. The second amendment is all the license I should need. The problem with American government today is it thinks it can outsource every darn thing. Today's police are no more than lazy apathetic mercenaries. They have no sense of alegience to the safety of American citizenry. Each citizen is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety. We would be foolish to believe that somebody else is willing to protect us the way we are willing to protect ourselves. Remember, you have to first own arms in order to bare arms.

    warren, olathe

    Our trained professionals act only after you are murdered by the felon. They do not prevent, or protect, only deter.

    Roger W Hancock, Auburn, Washington

    It is absurd that one would think a killer would wait for the police to arrive. Where gun control is implemented the crime rate increases. Where gun control is rescinded the crime rate decreases. It is no more true than the adage: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." See my quotes at PoetPatriot.com

    Joel, Greenville, Tx

    I guess i will just throw rocks at those who committed the terror attacks of 9.1.1?

    CS911, Key West, FL

    I don't carry a spare tire because I want a flat. I don't carry a medical kit because I want to be injured. I don't carry a sidearm because I want to shoot someone. Life simply forces us into the trade-offs that we each must make for our own situation. A spare is easier to carry than a tow truck. A first aid bag is easier to carry than a hospital. A sidearm is easier to carry than a Cop. It is sheer deadly folly to deprive citizens of any of those emergency options..

    Stephen, Lewisville, TX

    "Handgun Control, Inc." Enough said.

    Esteban Najid, Planet Earth

    The best way to enslave a people is to take away their ability to resist. This has been the case since swords, bows and arrows were state of the art and it is still tried by those in power today!

    Jeff, D-town

    I think these morons need to get real taking away handguns is another step towards tyranny and slavery go figure does history have to repeat itself hitler took all the weapons from the people and look what happened there

    getty leigh, Rocky Top

    While you're waiting for trained professionals to show up, I'm going to seize the moment and stay alive. If protection to you means zippering up a body bag so that the public doesn't see your dead body, or that you aren't exposed to the elements, feel free to wait the ten minutes until the cops get there! RobertSRQ ~ Have you looked into England's Knife Problems? People are getting stabbed left and right. The police encourage citizens not to fight back! How Funny!

    Bobby, AZ
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      Bobby, AZ    8/23/10

      " Trained professionals " tend to shoot at whomever the people who are PAYING them to shoot. Citizens tend to shoot at whomever is trying to tyranize them.

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      Anonymous    11/22/10

      I pity this person's wife and child, who lack anyone willing to take responsibility for their security.

      Jim Coker, Jacksonville, FL

      Trained professionals may be against whom we have to defend ourselves. The military, while useful in time of war, it's use may be perverted and used against the people, ergo the right to keep and bear arms in necessary as a proper deterrent to this idea. Even the Japanese in WW II, would not invade us, as "there would be a gun behind every blade of grass." It is better to carry a gun for security, because carrying a policeman or soldier would be to heavy and just look silly. When you have seconds to live, police are just minutes away.

      Teresa, Rocklin Ca.

      Ya we saw their trained professionals in action on 9/11. I think I'll pass on that.

      Robin Hood, Nottingham

      When seconds count, the trained professionals are only minutes away! Good Luck!!

      Ronw13, OR
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      Ronw13, OR    2/20/18

      Ha, thanks for the quote, glad to see Patriots awake. Patriots are not against law enforcement, but against misused and abused power from the bench. Has any one seen the fear from the defence attorneys eyes and bewildered expression on the officers face ? All the while knowing the overeech takes place.

      John Shuttleworth, New York City

      What a diverse response. Here is mine. Assuming the average citizen has the requisite training and discipline to effectively defend him or her self or (in the case of a natural or human caused emergency) and assuming each individual has the maturity (emotional balance) to act in a defensive posture only, this proposition may have some validity. Back in the bad old days such skills were necessary for survival; both of individuals and groups. Is such training necessary today, considering both the size and diversity of our population. I ask people to read, or re-read Plato's Republic (ca 350 BCE) and see what he had to say about defense of the state. Theoretical ? Yes; but isn't it all theory until put into practice and then discovered where the mistakes are between theory and the reality of human / nature interaction.

      Mary - MI
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      Mary - MI    2/20/18

      Bilge from very serious despotic indoctrinators.

      Don, Reno
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      Don, Reno    2/20/18

      Tyrant, I will wager I am a better shot then 95% of all police and sheriffs in my county.

      Mike, Northern NM

      When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away... and then... according to FBI figures, cops nationwide miss their intended targets 80% of the time. Yup, 8 out of 10 bullets go... somewhere.

      Mick, Manchester

      I’m guessing that the majority if not all posters above have not shot another human being with a hand gun.Given the effective dispatch range of side arms as Mr Shuttleworth points out it would require skill and emotional stability. I now notice that your President in reaction to the 19th high school shooting so far this year in the U.S is suggesting that some teachers are trained and equipped to shoot evil psychos with bad intent. Probably not an aspect of the job most teachers would have considered a requirement. As it remains the case that the majority of people and elected representatives are indifferent to the fact that death by gunshot is monitized in the U.S. I am sure that this ‘right’ of gun ownership will remain. However I once remember seeing part of a standup routine by Chris Rock where he suggested that there should be bullit control not gun control - bullits should cost 5,000 dollars each then you wouldn’t need gun control and if someone got shot then you know they probably deserved it. Sick joke in the circumstances but nowhere near as sick as U.S. gun control or your president’s peverse response.


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